Fated An Alpha Male Romance - K. Alex Walker

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Welcome, welcome, welcome (in my Terry Crews voice) and welcome back to those of you already familiar with my writing. This is Ethan and Alexandra’s story.

So, what is Red Velvet Punch?

Red Velvet Punch has its roots in the different Caribbean lore that I’ve been exposed to during my lifetime. Many of these tales came from my parents, grandparents, friends, and my own research. As you probably already know, Caribbean people believe heavily in the power of the Earth to heal the human body. Approach any older Caribbean person and tell them you have an upset stomach, and they’ll tell you that all you’ll need is a cup of “bush tea.” They’ll likely even direct you to other forms of tea depending upon your chief complaint!

The concept comes from a real herb that has been touted in the islands as a natural aphrodisiac for more than a century. It is known as bois bande (Richeria grandis) which literally means “hard wood,” and many Caribbean concoctions use it in raw bark or powdered-bark form. It has even been used in rums. I don’t know about you, but even though it’s only “reputed” to have aphrodisiac effects, one-hundred years is saying something.

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For my late grandparents: My Nenen and Papa.

And, as always, to my beautiful readers.





Evelyn Sara Miller

They had no idea that I was watching them — my lovely granddaughter Alexandra Miller and her handsome coworker Dr. Ethan Stewart. They were standing in the sparse grass in the middle of the racing track at Martin High school, and though we were already deep within the month of December, this Louisiana winter permitted only light sweaters and the occasional flannel cap.

All around the track, booths were set up by students and community officials advertising their respective plans to add to the Lower Ninth Ward Community Advisory Board’s initiative to restore the area. Major sponsors ranging from the local American Heart Association to the American Diabetes Association had also come out to show their support.

I can say with pride that the entire event had been organized by my Alexandra with input from Dr. Stewart, both members of the advisory board and employees of the highlighted sponsor: Stewart & Associates Pediatric Practice. Stewart and Associates was Dr. Stewart’s private practice which saw children from all backgrounds, but specialized in providing care to those with developmental disabilities. Bottom line: the man had a heart made of gold and the face of a young Clint Eastwood. You’ll stumble across an albino alligator dancing in the swamp before you find another combination like that.

Alexandra, dressed in a black blazer and charcoal knee-length dress, was chatting with a group of students who’d developed an award-winning science project to deliver more crop-friendly land to the Ninth Ward for the upcoming spring season. Yet, when she thought no one was looking, she would turn as though studying the crowd of attendees only to end up hopelessly deadlocked on Ethan. Then, when she turned away, he would do the same thing — stare at her from across the room like she was a mirage that, if he got too close, would disappear.

They were rooted to each other. Their souls were ingrained. I could feel it. The electricity that passed between them wasn’t a mere fascination with unleashing the desires of the other. I mean, there was desire, which I think is necessary for any palpable connection. But, as much as my little Alexandra fought it in order to always be the “good girl” as she was so well-taught, her core temperature rose and fell whenever she was in Ethan’s presence. Likewise, his temperature never cooled as long as she was around.

Now, although my roots do hail from the Caribbean, I’m not a witch doctor, voodoo woman, or Obeah woman, if you will. I do, however, believe in West African folklore and human spirituality, both of which have been entrenched in African culture centuries before my time. I do believe in the concept of spiritual connectedness and that we are unconsciously drawn to certain people because we are supposed to be.

I know that you’re thinking that I sound like a crazy old woman, but even science now shows that human beings have energy fields that can be measured. Haven’t you ever wondered why some dogs can sense when a person is about to die? Or how about that odd sensation you get when you meet someone and just know that either you will or