A Farewell to Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery

Work-at-home dad, devoted husband, aspiring screenwriter -- all ways to describe the unwilling sleuth Aaron Tucker, whom one re-viewer dubbed a combination of "Bart Simpson and James Bond." In A Farewell to Legs, the second installment of the Aaron Tucker Mystery Series, Aaron is back on the trail again, this time trying to ferret out the murderer of a former classmate, a D.C. lobbyist whose enemies finally stick it to him, literally -- with a six-inch steak knife. The deceased leaves behind a bombshell of a widow, a hidden bankroll of $13 million, and a cloud of political controversy, all of which lead Aaron to a barrel of red herrings. But in the life of Aaron Tucker, one mystery is never enough (though he'd be quick to tell you otherwise). He's also been dele-gated the odious task of tracking down Buzbee School's secret stink-bomber, and his wife, the beautiful attorney Abby Stein, is being stalked by a former client. All in a day's work for the 5'4" freelance writer, who, as procrastinator extraordinaire, would rather be doing anything but investigating.