Falling For The Boss

Elizabeth Lennox - The Attracelli Family #2 - Falling For The Boss

Falling For The Boss (The Attracelli Family #2)
Elizabeth Lennox


Chapter 1

The air conditioner whirred quietly but it didn’t ease the tension in the room or cool off Victoria Anderson’s tense nerves. She was terrified and hoped the dragon woman sitting in front of her didn’t see her anxiety.

The dragon lady continued, “You understand that this is a one year commitment, correct?” She was actually the head of human relations, Margie Peterman, but she seemed extremely protective of her boss’s schedule and requirements. “Mr. Attracelli is very firm about the commitment, to the point of requiring a contract stating that you will remain on the team for one full year. Despite the numerous tests and interviews, we’ve had a run of bad luck with recent personnel leaving before the year is over. It puts his team in a difficult position and they aren’t able to meet their tight deadlines.”

Victoria’s hands clenched together in nervousness. “I understand,” she said in a voice she hoped sounded confident. A wisp of honey blond hair floated down the side of her face, having escaped the tight chignon she’d put it in this morning. She casually pushed it back off her face, not even aware of the action as Margie looked down through Victoria’s resume and test scores again, looking for something else to question Victoria about.

The chair Victoria was sitting on should have been comfortable, but because she was so nervous, the Chippendale chair and highly polished conference table seemed too forbidding to allow any possible comfort. She perched herself on the edge of the chair with her back ramrod straight and her hands neatly folded on her lap, not able to relax even slightly.

Victoria surreptitiously wiped her hands on her black, wool suit skirt, hoping the interviewer didn’t notice her slight hesitation. She wasn’t afraid of the long hours, the travel or the demanding boss. She already had that without the excitement of visiting different cities and foreign countries which this job offered. There was nothing holding her in Washington, D.C. any longer now that Laci, her younger sister, would graduate from law school in a few months. This would be Victoria’s last fling before settling down and marrying Barry Lawson, the man she had been dating for over a year now. Once she’d “sowed her wild oats” as she was now thinking of this job opportunity, she’d feel comfortable settling down and raising children with her husband and knowing that she wasn’t missing out on anything.

“And you understand the demands of the job? The travel needs, the long hours?” Margie asked, her sharp, grey eyes watching Victoria’s expression over the edge of her bifocal glasses.

“Yes, I understand,” Victoria repeated, nodding her head for emphasis. “I’m eager to see different parts of the country,” Victoria explained, leaning forward slightly. The traveling part of the job was what had caught her interest immediately. “I’ve lived in the Washington, D.C. area almost my entire life. But as much as I like this area, I love traveling even more.”

Margie looked over the serene young woman sitting primly in front of her. The strikingly lovely woman was petite with beautiful blond hair pulled back at the nape of her neck and soft, green eyes. The black suit and crisp, white silk shirt she wore was professional looking but in no way enhanced her feminine shape. Margie considered that a good sign since the days would be long and hard. There was no time for primping and high maintenance females.

It was a good thing that this candidate had a long term boyfriend. Margie had seen enough females throwing themselves at her boss, Thomas Attracelli. He didn’t need someone on his personal staff getting romantic ideas. That would throw the whole team into a mass of inefficiency and chaos.

The only doubt Margie had about Victoria Anderson was the woman’s timidity. She definitely had the skills and the experience for the job.

Margie sat up a little straighter. She had considered all the applicants and the woman sitting in front of her had the best resume and interviewed extremely well. What’s more, from several tests, phone conversations and interviews over the past two weeks, Margie suspected her personality would fit in with the team easily, although her nervousness right now belied that impression.

Chalking that up to interview jitters, Margie decided to go with her gut instincts and recommend hiring Victoria over the other five candidates interviewed so far. Mentally nodding her head, she