Cursed Demon Kissed 2



A speck of pure red light shone through the darkness. I could see him. My heart lurched. Collin was on his side with one hand extended before him, like he was trying to crawl away from something before he collapsed. I swallowed hard at the sight of his appearance. His clothing was torn to rags and covered in filth. His dark hair was matted to his scalp. Deep black lines were etched into his body. It was as if long blades had pierced his flesh and the wounds were left open to putrefy. A surge of rage shot from deep within me, curling my fingers into fists.

I had to get to Collin.

If I could get to him, I could get us both out of here. But, I had to physically reach him first. My eyes darted through the inky black space. A dim, red light formed a jagged circle in the rock surrounding Collin's body before it fell into darkness. He was separated by a chasm that stretched between us. Collin groaned, and the hollow place in my chest felt like it would burst. I had to get to him. Now. But, time was limited. I had until someone saw me. And in this shadowy place, someone could have been standing next to me the whole time, and I wouldn't have known. My Martis vision didn't work as well down here, though I didn't know why.

Silently, I crept forward with my heart thundering in my ears. Crouching low to the ground, I moved towards him, stretching out one leg at a time. My eyes darted through the darkness looking for other signs that demons were near, but there were none.

Why was he alone? Did they really think that I would stay away? Did they think I would abandon him? My other leg stretched forward, as I shifted my body slowly toward the rim of the abyss. It was illuminated with the slightest trace of red light that moved and flickered like fire.

Suddenly the shadows that I called with my Valefar powers, tried to retreat. The shadows were locked deep inside me, masking the faint scent of the angel blood that flowed through my veins. The shadows jerked, and attempted to sever themselves from within, but I held them tightly. The sensation made me want to scream. I bit my lip to muffle the sound, hoping I could hold them in place a little bit longer. As I neared the rim, I saw demons on the other side. They were behind Collin's limp body with their deformed backs facing toward me.

As I slid closer to the edge, the red light licked across my face, and I peered over. It was then that I felt the bond tug sharply. I looked up at Collin. His blue eyes were wide open, staring at me. He didn't move, but the expression on his face conveyed more pain than I could bear.

His thoughts brushed my mind, Don't come closer. He's here. He kept me alive, waiting for you. Don't come.

I'll get you out, I replied. It'll be all right... As soon as I can reach you, you'll be safe. Collin's blue eyes slid closed as he lost consciousness.

My heart thundered in my ears. The shadows that shrouded me were pulling, trying to slip away from me. I clenched my stomach hard, knowing that I had to hold them in place. But I was losing. Without their presence, the demons would detect me instantly. The angel blood that flowed through my veins was limited, but potent. They would catch my scent immediately. No, I had to hold the shadows in place, but there was a force greater than my own calling them away.

I could no longer contain them. Slowly, the shadow's cold presence was ripped painfully out of my throat, one by one. As the shadows retreated, the demons slowly turned. I sucked in a sharp breath as dozens of glowing red eyes landed on me. There was a moment when nothing happened. I wasn't certain if the demons would recognize me or not. There wasn't time to think about it. The shock that held them still shattered. They rushed towards me with their razor sharp teeth exposed through sneering lips.

Fear threatened to freeze me in place, but I wouldn't let it. I had to get to Collin. There was no time. I focused all my attention on the ruby stone on my finger and efanotated. They knew I was here. Using Valefar powers in