Chaotic (Imperfect Perfection) - By C.A. Williams

Chapter 1

“Excuse me, I think this one needs to be redone. There’s a tiny little smudge. Actually, you really should just start completely over to make it perfect.” I scrunched my nose at the woman who was painting my nails in the Charged Up Cherry, who was scowling at me. She proceeded to remove the color as I asked without a word, which was probably a good thing, since I’m sure she didn’t want to be losing any customers, and I could make that happen very quickly.

I wasn’t trying to be a bitch, but I was definitely on edge and that tended to make me not so nice. I had basically been forced to go on this outing with Marley and Madison. And although they were fun to hang with for parties or shopping, I always felt like I had to walk on eggshells around them, like at any minute the perfect façade, that I had worked on so hard, would suddenly slip away, and they would see me for who I really was. And then they would be quick to drop me as if they had never known me.

I gave the woman a small smile as she glared down at my nails, hoping that would soften my tone just a little bit.

“I just love that color, Adelaide. It will look perfect with that dress you bought at Divinity for the party. Did you hear who Chris is bringing by the way?” I lost interest as one of my best friends, Marley, droned on and on about Chris Zander.

I could care less.

Been there, done that.

And never going back.

At least Madison was paying attention, hanging on Marley’s every word. Madison, with her dark chestnut hair, petite frame, and doe like brown eyes, was all in all a good looking girl by most people’s standards. But she tended to be a worshiper, and that kind of made her pathetic.

Marley, on the other hand, had flowing bleach-blonde hair that curled into soft ringlets, stood as tall as most guys, but had a slim model-like figure with a pair of perky double d’s that even I was a little jealous of. She definitely knew that she was hot.

The three of us had been best friends since I had moved here almost five years ago. And when I used the term best friends, I used it lightly. They basically just welcomed me with open arms because of who my step-father was.

I guess if you wanted to, you could call me the one in charge. They both seemed to follow me anywhere and do whatever I said, but they were also quicker than anyone to turn around and stab you in the back.

It had all started the summer in between junior high and high school, when I had a crush on Chad Stanger. Marley knew that I liked him and that just made her want him more, so she somehow managed to sink her claws into him first. I caught the two of them hiding behind a tree with Chad’s hand up her shirt. Now that I thought about it and passed him in the halls at the local community college, along with the rest of his friends that liked to dress in all black, like they were going to a funeral daily, it kind of made me gag.

Whenever I had a guy, Marley had to have him next. Whatever. I guess she liked sloppy seconds. The only guy she hadn’t managed to score was Chris.

Madison always tended to side with Marley whenever the three of us had a little tiff. Eventually I got over it. I had to admit, when they weren’t around to shop or go out to parties with, things did get rather lonely. So I would forgive Marley for whatever minor discretion and move past it, but that didn’t mean I always liked hanging out with them.

I checked back into reality when I heard a click and “That’s a wrap”. I blew out a breath at those three simple words and relaxed just a little. The camera men began to pack away their equipment while the director jotted down some notes and then picked up his phone.

During our senior year, our school had been featured on the reality show, Unrehearsed, that centered on high school life and the everyday dramas. Luckily, they switched schools after a year of recording. It had been stressful to say the least, putting on a show for all of America, that everything in my life was picture perfect.