Cammie Healy - Jennifer Foor

Chapter 1

Silently waiting, my hands folded across my lap, the sound of my peers conversing throughout the room behind me. I’d been sitting in the first row of this classroom for a while, ever since I’d sparked a more physical interest in my professor.

The sound of the side entrance alerted me of his presence. Right away I felt my stomach knotting up, my throat feeling tight, and my fingers shaking beyond control.

I could feel the air blowing between my legs since I was in a skirt. He’d expect my exposed pussy positioned for his viewing pleasure. James would arrange for this to happen, and like his little toy I’d always abided to his wishes.

This was what he’d done to me each and every time we were close. He took control.

It wasn’t just his sexy appearance, the dark wavy hair, or the way he wore it, sort of disheveled like most guys my age. Even with his charming smile, and bright white teeth, I knew his looks weren’t what drew me in back then. Sure, he was a stunning specimen to look at, in fact the only older man I’d ever had an interest in, but it was his intelligence that made me lose all ability to rationalize with how wrong it was to be involved with him. He carried himself like he knew he could get whatever he wanted in life. Maybe he was right. I think he had me in the palm of his hand the moment we met.

He was married, for more than twenty years, to a woman of high stature. Her father was the dean of the university. Our taboo indiscretion would surely cost him his livelihood, not that it stopped either one of us from continuing the affair.

I wanted to feel terrible for my actions, but how could I, when the man brought me so much excitement. I was enthralled by his lifestyle, and his ability to help me see my goals and do whatever necessary to achieve them.

Jameson Willis. My professor. My mentor. My weakness. My kryptonite.

Before I tell you how screwed up my life has become, I suppose it would make sense to go back to where it all began, to where my struggles caused such drastic measures to come into play. You see, I wasn’t always promiscuous. To everyone who knows me, I’m sort of predictable, always safe even. I thought about my actions before making them, going over every single outcome in my head in order to come up with the best solutions. I’m an overachiever, determined to be the best, no matter how difficult the feat may be. I never give up, which is probably why I’ve landed myself in such trouble.

I think it started when I took my midterm. I’m pre-med, and my schedule combined with such complicated courses left me struggling. I stared down at that test for nearly thirty minutes without putting my pen down. I couldn’t, for the life of me, come to terms with everything I’d studied and crammed into my brain the night before. It was as if I’d forgotten everything. Equations and formalities began circling, but the answers failed to process.

After the first hour I knew I was behind. With a time limit counting down, I fought with jotting something for each question, even when I knew it wasn’t the correct answer or nearly what would give me the grade I hoped for.

Ever since elementary school I’d gotten straight A’s. I was valedictorian of my graduating class, and had even managed to keep a four-point-one grade point average throughout my first few years of college. I didn’t understand how, like a switch, I couldn’t process thoroughly. I was disgusted with myself, succumbing to the fact that I might be over my head, cramming extra courses in order to finish early.

I was called into my professor’s office a few days later. At this point, I barely knew anything about the man who led the course. He wore a gold ring on his finger, and often spoke about his own grown children while giving lectures. He had a good sense of humor, and everyone in the class seemed to like him. Don’t get me wrong, I noticed the handsome man from afar, having taken a seat in the back of the room, just so I could exit first and make it to my next destination without being late. It was important to always be prompt and prepared, and in this instance I needed to keep a good