Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire - By Nina Croft

Chapter One

“I’m lost,” Lia Brent muttered into her cell phone. “At least I hope I’m lost, because if not I’m in big trouble. Look, Kelly, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.”

Lia shoved the phone into her bag and glared down at the map of London clutched in her hand. She had an appointment at a club called The Crazy Frog, and she was pretty sure she was in the right place.

Except she couldn’t be.

She didn’t know London well—hadn’t been back since her dad’s disappearing act ten years ago—but this didn’t look like the sort of area a nightclub would be in. Unless it was a very down-market nightclub. Her stomach churned at the thought.

It was nearly seven at night, but the sun still beat down. Lia’s feet hurt from the stupid high heels she was wearing for the part, her head pounded from the constant drone of traffic, and she was suddenly overwhelmed by a desperate urge to turn around and run for home. But she wasn’t a quitter, and besides, if she gave up now, then soon she wouldn’t have a home to run to. And neither would her little brother, Mike, never mind her housekeeper, her three cats, and her dog.

No, she had no choice but to go on with her plan, however crappy and foolish it might be. Gritting her teeth, she sent up a silent prayer for inspiration. It came in the form of a sleek black sports car that pulled up on the other side of the road, and the man who uncoiled himself from the low front seat. Lia rarely noticed men, but even she had to admit that this one was gorgeous; maybe it was his height, or the immaculate fit of his dark business suit, or the lithe, predatory grace with which he moved. Whatever it was, Lia couldn’t look away, and she watched until he disappeared through a set of black double doors. She stared at the closed doors for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly raised her eyes to the sign hanging above them. For a moment, she couldn’t believe she had missed it; a huge picture of what could only be a crazy frog.


She started forward only to come to an abrupt halt, because beneath the sign was a photograph of an almost entirely naked woman.

Oh, yeah, she was definitely in trouble. Big trouble.

Luc Severino strolled through the dimly lit nightclub, the once-familiar scents and sounds washing over him, transporting him back to his misspent youth. The last time he’d been here, he’d been a cocky eighteen-year-old, blissfully unaware that his life was about to turn to shit. The place hadn’t changed one bit.

It was early, and the seats were mostly empty. On the stage, an improbably built blonde was gyrating to the throbbing beat of some old rock song. She almost lost her grip on the steel pole as Luc passed, then instantly redoubled her efforts. He tossed her a smile as he passed, then dismissed her from his mind and concentrated on the meeting at hand. What could Harley possibly want after all these years?

The barman glanced up as he approached.

“I’m here to see Harley,” Luc said, and the man nodded in the direction of one of the dark booths that lined the back wall of the club. Luc walked over and found his old friend seated at a small table.

“Luc, what can I get you to drink?”

“Nothing,” he said, sinking into the seat opposite Harley.

“Sure?” Harley took a sip of his own drink and studied Luc over the rim of his glass. “Nice suit,” he said. “Italian? Your mum send it over?”

Luc nodded, and Harley let out a huge sigh. “You look like a goddamned playboy. You certainly don’t fit in here anymore.”

Luc smiled. “You do.”

“I got your invitation, by the way.”

“And I got your acceptance—glad you can make it.”

“What? Me miss what promises to be the swankiest party of the year? Never going to happen. Besides, it’s for a good cause. You know most people in your position would forget their old life, pretend it doesn’t exist—it’s a good thing you’re doing.”

“I think so. So, come on Harley, cut the social chitchat and get to the point. Why am I here?”

“Okay.” Harley sighed. “Just how interested are you in finding Jimmy Brent?”

Luc went still at the name, and something dark stirred to life deep inside him. The truth was, he didn’t know the answer. At one point, finding Jimmy Brent and making