Bending Bethany - Aria Cole



“Come on, Bethy, you never do anything fun! It’s nose stuck in a book all the time for you.” My sister pouted as she tore through what was at least a dozen slutty dresses in her closet. “This one would look perfect on you.”

I narrowed my eyes, taking in the short, black, glittery number. “That is not a dress, it’s a shirt. Everyone will see your bits and pieces. You don’t actually wear that in public, do you?” My eyes widened as I looked at the flimsy material. That so-called dress was long enough to fall just barely under my behind. If I moved, people would see everything. “I’m not wearing that.”

“Does that mean you’ll go?” Her eyes lit with a mischievous sparkle.

I sighed, frowning as I fingered a glittery red dress she’d tossed on the bed. “Yes, but you’d better find something longer. I’m not looking like a call girl.”

“You’re such a prude. A little cock never hurt anyone,” my wayward sister teased.

“I swear, I don’t even know how we’re related.”

“Believe me, I think that all the time.” She buzzed out of the wardrobe, heading to the bathroom. “Now, what are we going to do with your hair?”

She pulled curling irons and flat irons and a thousand products out of a basket.

“Can you give me some supermodel curls?” I’d never wielded a curling iron in my life, but my sister’s glam make-up and perfectly wind-blown waves always made me yearn for just one night of glam.

“Yes! Mermaid ringlets would be gorgeous. Maybe we can even add a little color! Let me do some highlights!” she squealed, and I groaned.

“No highlights.” I shook my head firmly. “I’ve never colored my hair. Why would I start now?”

“Because tonight you’re a new you. Try something else on for a while. Hair is only temporary.” She shrugged, and I huffed, checking out the streaks of magenta coursing through her dark locks.

I nibbled on my bottom lip, glancing down at the sensible Chucks on my feet, the cross body I wore nearly every day, then back to one of her fancy clutches on the bed.

“Can I carry that?” My eyes gleamed as I finally felt excitement pulse to life inside me.

“My McQueen?!” She stuck out her bottom lip and narrowed her eyes at me. “Swear on everything you hold dear to love it and cradle it like your firstborn child?”

I laughed outright. Taylor had always been fashion-obsessed, but I had no idea she felt that strongly. “I promise. And you’re off your rocker. I think you should know that.”

“Shut up, little sis.” She popped a kiss on my forehead, using the endearment she’d been using since we were little. We were only a year and a half apart. I for one didn’t see much of a distinction, besides, to most outsiders my maturity probably far outweighed hers.

“One night only, then tomorrow morning it’s back to the books. I have to pass that midterm or I’m screwed for the rest of the class.” I felt the anxiety coiling in my stomach again.

“I know, I know, if you don’t pass it, then what have you been working for all these years,” she mimicked. It was the excuse I often used.

“Well, I’m just saying. I’m not staying out late, and don’t ask me to do shots.”

“No shots? Boo!”

I grinned and shook my head at her boundless enthusiasm. “No shots. Now, what dress am I wearing?”

Two hours later and I found myself at the bar, a line of shots spread out before the two of us.

“Bottoms up, little sis.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I voiced my dismay before lifting a lemon drop shot to my mouth.

“To a wild night! And maybe a little sausage for both of us.” She winked before throwing the shot back, leaving me giggling uncontrollably, and choking down my own.

“Next!” Taylor called, slamming her glass down and lifting the second she’d ordered for each of us.

“‘I’m not even done with this one!” I swallowed a sip, the sour confection rushing down my throat.

“Come on, big girl panties up. Let’s do this.” She tipped the shot glass to my lips, and I swallowed the remainder of the liquid. I slid the empty glass across the bar and lifted the other. “YOLO.”

“For a big sister, you sure are a bad influence,” I grunted before gathering courage in my stomach and taking the other shot in one long gulp.

“Sisters?” someone said from behind me. “Another round on me!”

“What, no—” I turned to find a handsome guy, hair