Bear Meets Bride (R) - Amy Star



2015 by Amy Star

All rights reserved.

About This Book

Dylan had finally come of age. He was now a fully fledged member of the bear clan that reside on a secluded island in the middle of the Pacific.

Now, the first thing he had to do was choose a mate.

But with no women to choose from on the island the bears had no choice but to send for a mail order bride and Dylan picked the curvaceous Sarah.

When Sarah arrived on the island she had no idea what to expect.

She knew she was going to be married to someone but she had no idea just who, or what, he might be. Will she like him? Will he like her? Will she be able to please him the way he wants? There was only one thing that was guaranteed for certain.

When Bear meets Bride, sparks are certain to fly and in this case the sparks fly in more ways than one...

This is a Bear Shifter romance with elements of fun, love, romance, sex along with adventure & excitement. The perfect mixture for the perfect escape!

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Dylan couldn’t help but let a low growl escape from his muzzle. His muscles twitched with anticipation, causing the dark fur over his shoulders to ripple like wind over a wheat field. His dark beady eyes tried to focus on the sparkling clear water that rushed past his legs, cooling him during in the hottest part of the day. The sun cast its reflection on the creek, causing the whole tributary to glint, making it all the more challenging to discern the slick black-spotted rubicund salmon that seemed to hover in the middle of the current. Pushing their way home, one final time, Dylan thought, and the short nubs of his ears flinched. The water drowned out all other sounds and he let it carry him into a kind of trance as he focused.

There. His head dipped down in a flash, lightning reflexes plunging his long bearish snout into the cold water. It was a thrill as he kept his eyes open. Chris had forced the habit – it was like shooting a gun, or an arrow. You didn’t want to close one eye and you certainly didn’t want to close both. When you’re hunting, use all your senses, don’t diminish them, his patron’s harsh tutelage echoed in his head. Dylan had his mouth already open and he could taste the pure water fleshing itself against his tongue, even before his jaw snapped shut again and he tasted something salty, soft and wriggling. He lifted his head and a dark red salmon thrashed wildly in his mouth, even as he waded back to shore and dug into it. Sweet meat; hard earned.

Of course, fishing during spawning season wasn’t exactly hard work. Not like hunting big game, like elk or deer. But it took skill all its own. It was something definitive to who he was: a bear. A bear against the rolling pin of water and with the reward of fish; all this, the cycle of life and death in which he was a part of. There was almost something innately cultural about it. I’m waxing on again, he realized, even in bear-form. He must have been spending too much time around Chris.

He choked down the last of the salmon and left the tail and head and skeleton on the beach. Above, in the high cedars, perched like iconic sentries, adolescent bald eagles watched him with precarious eyes. He knew that those broad-winged scavengers would almost certainly devour anything he didn’t finish. Enjoy, he said, with the tilt of his head and a whooping bark at them. He clambered back up the damp bank and shook vigorously. The large hump on his back flexed,