Awakened (Vampire Awakenings) - By Brenda K. Davies

Vampire Awakenings Series

Awakened (Book 1)

Destined (Book 2)


Shoving a strand of straggling blond hair aside, Sera balanced her books in her arms as she searched for her keys. Finally locating them in her cluttered pocket, she pulled them free and slid them into the lock. Bumping the door open with her hip, she muttered a curse as the force of it knocked her precariously balanced books free.

Kicking them impatiently into the room Sera slammed the door shut. Scooping everything up, she dumped the pile onto her neatly made bed. Her gaze darted to her roommate’s side of the room. She had to suppress a groan as she took in the disaster area. They had only been back for two weeks, and already Kathleen had managed to make a complete mess of things. Then again, Kathleen had made a mess on her first day back. Pillows, sheets, and blankets were cascading off her bed and spilling onto the hardwood floor. Her desk was overflowing with papers, books, garbage, pens, and markers. Sera had no idea how Kathleen managed to find anything in the cluster, let alone actually accomplish any studying. A poster of a rock band was peeling off the wall above her desk, and the one over her bed was torn and wrinkled. The garbage can next to her bed was overflowing with papers.

Sera sighed as she gathered her books and moved toward her desk. Unlike Kathleen, her desk was perfectly neat, with everything in its proper place, and her books sorted by alphabetical order. Kathleen said that she was too uptight, while Sera thought that Kathleen was a complete slob.

The door suddenly burst open. Sera jumped in surprise, stifling a frightened cry, as it bounced against the wall with a loud thud. It swung rapidly back, just missing Kathleen as she came bounding into the room. Sera shook her head in disbelief; Kathleen had the energy, and sometimes the capability of causing as much destruction as a tornado. However, unlike a tornado Kathleen never intended to harm anyone, or anything. Sometimes, it just worked out that way.

Sera, who had always been a bit reserved, had been more than a little wary of Kathleen when they had been thrust together freshman year. Sera’s worries about having a horrifying roommate seemed to have come true when she’d first met Kathleen. Kathleen had arrived at the college two days before Sera, and had made her stake on their room first. It had been completely trashed by the time Sera arrived. She had been horrified by the mess in the room, and certain that she had gotten the roommate from hell.

However, the short, gregarious blond, standing in the middle of the mess didn’t given her time to be appalled for long. Kathleen had rushed over and hugged her tight, squealing with enthusiasm about how much fun they were going to have. Sera had been shocked by the embrace, and more than a little afraid of the energy Kathleen exuded. Then, as she had grown to know Kathleen, and started to become accustomed to her overwhelming ability to make everyone around her happier, Sera had become extremely grateful that the college had thrown them together. Kathleen had helped to ease Sera’s fears about being away at school with her excitement about being there. Kathleen also had the ability to make friends with an ease that still astonished Sera.

The thing that amazed Sera most though, was that Kathleen actually liked her too. Kathleen was outgoing, bubbly, full of fun, and adventure. Sera was reserved, scared of new things, and shy. However, for some reason, Kathleen put up with her reluctant, hesitant, and uptight ways. Sera thought it was because Kathleen found her to be a challenge that she planned on mastering. She had been determined to get Sera to be more outgoing, and over the past three years, she had succeeded in many ways.

“Hey sweetie!” Kathleen called, throwing her bag and notebooks on the floor. “I had such a long day! What about you?”

“Long,” Sera agreed, slumping onto her bed.

“Ought oh, I know that look! What’s wrong?”

Sera looked up at Kathleen’s short figure. She was a little plump, but most of her weight rested in her overwhelming chest. She was wearing a tight white tank top that stretched provocatively over her large breasts. Her short blond hair was pulled into a loose ponytail that was now falling freely around her ears. She had bright, sky blue eyes that always sparkled mischievously. Her nose was small and