About Last Night - Belle Aurora

Chapter One


I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

This was not like me. I didn’t know who I was at that moment. I wasn’t an extrovert. I didn’t make snap decisions. I was not the life of the party, not by any stretch of the imagination. I was…well…me.

I didn’t know what had possessed my body, and I wasn’t sure I liked it.

Yeah. I didn’t like it.

Oh, yeah?

I freaking loved it.

Praise Jesus, hallelujah!

I was being naughty for the first time in my life, and it felt good.

As I stared at the open web browser, I shifted the laptop around on my thighs to get better positioned. I typed a few choice words into the search engine, and bam! There they were.

I shouldn’t have been doing this.

No, you shouldn’t.

But I really wanted to.

Who am I to argue with you? We’re the same person.

Great logic, brain. I liked it.

Curiosity got the better of me. I clicked on the first option and waited. The website loaded and my jaw dropped.

Men. Hundreds of beautiful men smiled back at me, looking at me with unadulterated lust, their smiles whispering, Come hither. Each profile said only a short paragraph about the man. Ben apparently lived to please, while Marcus liked to dominate. Cameron, however, could go either way.

Hmmm. I’d hoped for a little more from my search. Something deviant even. This was, after all, a big deal, for me anyway.

Disappointed, I moved my curser to click out of the screen when suddenly, I found myself hovering over a profile picture. A small box appeared. Click to see more. My giddiness returned as quickly as it had left. Only this time, it had bells on. I shook my head slowly, annoyed at myself.

Of course they wouldn’t show everything on the main screen. I need to dig.

Marcus was rather dashing. He was tall, dark, and handsome. His posture and expression screamed, You want me, and I found myself wanting exactly that. I needed to find out more about him.


My eyes widened a second before my jaw dropped for a second time in five minutes. Blinking, I swallowed hard and stared into the screen. Marcus was gorgeous, no doubt. And here I was staring at photos of both his flaccid and erect penis.

I’d never seen a penis that up close before. I’d done things with men a couple of times, but as per my request, we’d kept the lights off. I stared harder. I’d fondled that? It sure as hell didn’t feel that big. It was a little weird looking, like an angry, thick, inflatable baton. Also, I had thought men had pubic hair like women did.

Opening a second tab, I searched for ‘regular man’s penis.’ Within seconds, the pictures loaded and I looked between the images in front of me. Glancing back and forth, I pursed my lips. Marcus seemed to have an extraordinarily large and pretty dick. And most men definitely had pubic hair.

I bit my lip.

I knew I shouldn’t.

Oh, God. Somebody stop me!

I didn’t think; I just did.

Typing quickly, I covered my eyes before the profile loaded. I peeked through my fingers and as soon as I saw him smiling that crooked, Colgate smile, I slowly lowered my hand. There he was.

His posture far more relaxed than my dear friend Marcus, his body was a mix of smooth and hard, his arms muscled in a way that made a girl wish she’d get wrapped up in them…and lost in a forever happy after. His natural tan gave him a glow that perfectly accompanied his mischievous grin. His dark brown hair was sun-streaked and slightly too long in that perfect way men could pull off, curling behind his ears. It looked as though he’d just run a hand through the flawless chaos. He had no body hair apart from a small trace starting below his belly button, trailing lower than I’d ever been bold enough to look, and a broad chest and shoulders I wished to bite. His hazel eyes smiled into the camera. And I was lost.

Matt Quinn. My brother’s best friend. And I was about to see something I shouldn’t ever have seen.


My mouth dropped open and a strangled, choking noise escaped me.

Oh, my God. Goodbye, Marcus. I’d found something even better than him. Marcus who?

His erection looked different than Marcus’. It looked thicker, manlier, and angrier. And secretly, I wished to taste it. It looked like this cock was made purely for the purpose of pleasing women.

My stomach lurched. Before I could really think about what I